An Intro to Terpenes

A few years ago on Instagram, I barely remember the word terpene being used at all. I’m not going to lie, I had no knowledge about them at all until just over a year ago. You may know nothing about terpenes but if you are a cannabis patient or connoisseur, chances are you relish in... Continue Reading →

Depression: An Introspection

Mental illnesses & those of us who suffer from them face so much stigma, so this was hard for me to write due to the vulnerability factor. I wasn’t sure if I had the strength enough even to touch down on the topic, as my own mental health has been quite poor as of late.... Continue Reading →

Strain Review: Trainwreck

So I’m going to get this part out of the way and make it clear; Budderweeds is one of my favourite MOM’s. They always have amazing specials on and have a great selection of premium cannabis products. I got a full ounce of Trainwreck from them last week, a strain I hadn’t had in quite... Continue Reading →

10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Do you have a mama who works really hard and deserves to relax this Mother’s Day? With the holiday coming up this Sunday, I’ve made up a list of some great, unique gift ideas for all the super special moms out there! The ideas may seem more geared towards the ‘cannamom’ but they are not... Continue Reading →

Earth Day 2018

Yesterday— April 22nd, was Earth Day; a day that has been observed since 1970, when on that day 20 million Americans took to the streets from coast-to-coast to rally for a healthy, sustainable environment. The founder of Earth Day and the coordinator of these rallies was Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator whom had witnessed the... Continue Reading →

4.20 Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER. CONGRATS TO INSTAGRAM USER @MIKIJUANA! As the national cannabis holiday 4.20 approaches, Budderweeds and I figured it would be a perfect time to give back to the Canadian cannabis community in celebration of my favourite holiday and the somewhat delayed launch of my blog! Who knew CSS/HTML could be so difficult!... Continue Reading →

Strain Review: Black Widow

For my first review, there was no question on which strain I was going to write about first; it had to be Black Widow, a hybrid I had received from Budderweeds, and was eager as this was an unfamiliar strain! I had obviously heard of White Widow, but what was this Black widow and how... Continue Reading →

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