So I’m going to get this part out of the way and make it clear; Budderweeds is one of my favourite MOM’s. They always have amazing specials on and have a great selection of premium cannabis products. I got a full ounce of Trainwreck from them last week, a strain I hadn’t had in quite some time so I was super excited to get my hands on. Almost everyone who is well adjusted to the cannabis scene has tried this super popular strain, so this review may not be new to you and if not, hopefully it just reminds you of how rad Trainwreck is and that you should pick some up sometime!


As soon as I opened the bag, I was greeted by a familiar terpene profile; such a strong pine scent accompanied by exciting hints of lemon, and rounded well of with the modest earthy tones that seems to linger quite some time. Even now, with the bag far less than it was when I first opened it, the smell is as pungent and ever so wonderfully lingering in my senses. These devine terpenes so brilliantly working together, bring me to nostalgic places beyond cannabis; camping as a child, surrounded by giant pine trees, drinking a glass of fresh lemonade or sitting and playing in the dirt.

The buds were a gorgeous array of greens varying from light to dark greens. They looked like artwork with the sparkling trichomes that only accented the beautifully hued buds. They seemed in my inexpert opinion to be properly cured and trimmed well; no huge stems and no seeds present at all. Normal sized dull orange pistils clung to the dense buds. The buds slightly sticky feeling to the touch, with the resin lightly coating your fingers upon touch.

I smoked it out of a clean bong and I have to say, it smoked super smooth. To be quite honest there is no time to enjoy the delicious earthy terpene profile due to how fast and hard this strain hits you. Sudden euphoria and creativity en-captured me into their warm, loving embraces; how can anything not feel wonderful after smoking this strain? I felt distracted from what previous, yet entirely focused on whatever I wanted to do creatively at that moment. Within minutes I felt my depression and anxiety melt away and all my aches and pains numb. A truly wonderful strain medicinally, the only side effect I experienced was quite the dry mouth!

Blooming cannabis plant

Because of its wide array of potent medicinal benefits, Trainwreck is one of the most popular cannabis strains out there. It’s origins however, are far more mysterious and unknown; there are varying stories of who bred the phenotype and at what point in time. What we do know is that it originated somewhere between the 60s and the 80s in Northern California, bred by crossing Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica to produce this wonderful resinous, sativa-dominant hybrid.

No matter where or when Trainwreck was bred, this strain is definitely one of my favourites, especially clear-headed creativity wise; I feel as if I can tear down any artistic blocks I may have while medicating on this strain. It gives me the focus I need while relaxing me and keeping my mind in a happy, euphoric state so I can be productive! I had one hell of a week dealing with my anxiety and depression, and if it wasn’t for the Trainwreck from Budderweeds I don’t know how much worse it’d have been! It’s definately one of my top 10 current favourite hybrids, and if you can get your hands on this strain, it does not dissapoint.


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