Cannabis, as we all know, can be consumed in a variety of methods. From vape pens, to edibles, topicals and tinctures; within the last year I have been exposed to a world of products that I had no idea existed so widely throughout what I’ve come to know as the competing cannabis scene consisting of LPs, ‘blackmarket’ dispensaries & MoMs (mail order marijuana) that exist throughout the whole of Canada in great numbers. The convenience of such a wide variety of cannabis products suddenly a click away at first was overwhelming, and felt too good to be true. I had my lab rat phase where I tried as many different types products as I could, seeing if any medicated my anxiety better than smoking & the instant relief that I knew it gave me. One thing I did have not-so-great experiences ordering in that phase was prerolls, and as someone who cannot roll worth a damn myself (even before I had my talons), the idea of prerolls is wonderful but between price point and quality I hadn’t really found a source for them I had been satisfied with.

After winning a contest that @PreRolledCones & @PreRolledBlasteroids put out, I received 2 delicious ‘Pre Rolled Blasteroids’, one indica & one sativa. Pre Rolled Blasteroids are pre-rolled joints containing AAAA cannabis, blasted with shatter & lightly coated in kief. They both smoked very well and had me quite impressed, so I checked out their page and saw their 8-packs of Pre Rolls and just jumped at the convenience and had to place an order. I ordered an Indica 8-pack of ‘Gorilla Glue’ Pre Rolls to try and a hybrid Pre Rolled Blasteroid. Very quickly Pre Rolled Cones contacted me to inform me they were out of ‘Gorilla Glue’. They instead offered me ‘Violator’ (which I was excited to try as I had never tried that strain) so I happily said yes. For the mix up they also super kindly offered me two extra blasteroids which was super kind; they went out of their way to make me more than happy immediately. Such great customer service!

When my package came in, I was surprised and disappointed to open it only to find but only 5 ‘Green Haired Freaks’ BlueBerry 40mg CBD Treats… which I definitely didn’t order (but were amazingly delicious)! I took a photo and immediately contacted Pre Rolled Cones and let them know of the mix-up. They immediately DM’d me back expressing apologies, but hey let’s be real, we are all only human and mix-ups and mistakes happen! I let them know it was no sweat, and they directed me to shoot them an email. Pre Rolled Cones got back to me immediately and rectified everything and beyond, by sending me not only my Indica 8-Pack of ‘Violator’ and my 3 Pre Rolled Blasteroids, but also a Hybrid 8-Pack of ‘Sunset Sherbet’, another strain I had yet to try, and a Sativa 8-Pack of ‘Green Crack’, one of my top ten favourite strains!img_20180723_144203_8751397007754719126484.jpgI was beyond satisfied with how things were handled and received my package very quickly! I really cannot say enough about their customer service; they went above and beyond to correct the issues! This is the biggest thing I worry about ordering anywhere as I have heard horror stories ordering cannabis online, but I can say for sure Pre Rolled Cones and their team will not let you down, even if there is issues you are in THE best hands! I’ve had order issues before with other companies, but none had been rectified in such a timely, generous and painless way! You guys are seriously the best, thank you for taking the utmost care of your customers and impressing the hell out of me!

Another thing I must gush about before we even get to what I thought of the product itself is the packaging of the Pre Rolled Cones 8-Packs, which I overall ABSOLUTELY adore! They are compact and classic looking, with a more vintage-style font adorning the packs. They are simple, to the point with gorgeous textured colour backgrounds based on whether the pack you are enjoying is sativa, hybrid or indica. Inside each pack, 8 joints are neatly sitting next to the other, the odd joints facing upwards while the even ones face downwards so that they fit perfectly and painlessly. Inside the packages are INTEGRA Boost 2-way Humidity Regulator and a card indicating when you should replace the packet, in order to maintain the cannabis quality within the joint.

When it came down to product review time, I had to immediately go to what I know, which is my top-ten favourite strain, ‘Green Crack’. You won’t find me ever saying I love many Sativas, but this is one that just has me feeling on cloud nine and functioning my very best. The joint was packed well and upon smell, I was hit with that familiar very sweet citrus smell with it’s pungent earthy undertones. I sparked her up, and she smoked so smooth and tasted almost as if I was drinking a divine cup of tea! Immediate calming effects washed over me along with a strong sense of euphoria! Immediately I was very medicated and reminded why I absolutely love this strain.

I always keep notes of start and finish time for product consumption but I was so well-medicated I simply forgot for this joint! I also generally like to keep interval notes (5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. depending on product) noting how I feel but with this strain I forgot to check in until 15 minutes after finishing my joint! At the 15 minute mark I noted being extremely smiley, euphoric, completely relaxed in terms of anxiety and energized. Next check in was 25 minutes in, where I noted I was experiencing a very heavy cerebral high; still very euphoric, smiley and noted feeling very creative (I did some idea doodles for enamel pins I would eventually like to get made!).

At about an hour mark, effects began to fade. At this point I felt very introspective; looking back now at my notes my cerebral high was still very strong, but the euphoria was what had faded for me as I was still very calm minded and motivated intellectually and creatively. Overall I noted I would choose this strain over most any day for daytime use, and this is coming from someone who tends to favour Indicas! I have smoked all my other pre-rolls but have ONE Green Crack Pre Roll saved (has since been consumed post-writing, pre-editing, RIP) because it’s my favourite and such a convenient treat! I will definitely buy an 8-pack or their 50-pack of ‘Green Crack’ Sativa Pre Rolled Cones!

The next day, I took a joint from the Hybrid 8-Pack of ‘Sunset Sherbet’ to spark up and take for a test! I had admittedly never tried Sunset Sherbet; in fact, being without dispensaries and having to order online, I have yet to try a lot of strains just due to being unsure of quality & how new strains will affect me. I tend to go back to strain’s I know are good as I have trouble convincing myself to leave my comfort zone for a new strain, UNLESS I’ve heard amazing things (if you have Purple Punch, HIT ME UP! #1 Strain I am in search of to try). The scent of the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ joint was mild; I noted it was almost perhaps like lilac with hints of citrus. This joint was a little loosely packed at the very end by the filter, so it went a little limp-ish on me, but nothing I’d really say was an issue! Out of 24 joints only about 3 were like this and it barely affected how they smoked.


Taste wise, the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ I noted instantly came on as a sweet, almost floral taste and left an earthy aftertaste. This strain wasn’t as heavy hitting as the ‘Green Crack’ and more subtle, though I definitely initially felt quite calm and generally happy. In 7 minutes the joint was gone and I noted feeling perfectly medicated & ready to get things done! 10 minutes later I still noted happiness; I was feeling very motivated and focused compared to how I felt prior to smoking. I noted, despite the good that I felt, that my physical anxiety symptoms were affecting me still, (tight chest, grinding teeth, abdominal tightness/pain, generally tense) which is why I stick with indicas a lot because they tend to give me the physical relief I seek from my anxiety disorders. However the motivation lasted throughout the hour, and I noted at the hour mark after consumption that I was a bit munchy!

Overall the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ was a wonderful, motivating and happiness-inducing strain, however it didn’t hold enough physical-relaxation power as a Hybrid strain for me (a quite seasoned smoker despite my age) to go back and purchase it as a daily-medication strain, however, it definitely is a good booster for motivation and would be ideal for daytime use when you need to get a lot done! I really loved the Hybrid packaging, probably the most out of all three; it just stands out more than the other two in terms of beauty packaging wise, reminding me of the ocean or something!

Finally, on day three, I tested a joint from the Indica 8-Pack of ‘Violator’, another strain I had yet to try, and as I am with all new strains, was internally jumping at the excitement like a child leaving the candy store with bags full of sweets. This was my absolute favourite smelling pack; as soon as you opened it, your nose was welcomed by the most potently sweet, fruity scent; almost reminded me of bergamot, which smells a little alike fruit loops (think earl gray tea). Honestly, these were the best smelling joints I had ever smelt; you just KNEW you were about to spark a super quality AAAA cannabis joint, no doubts AT ALL about these prerolls!

I sparked it up and had noted it had earthy toned flavours with sweet, herb-like undertones. I really loved the taste of ‘Violator’ as well; honestly, as much as I love ‘Green Crack’, scent and taste wise, this strain from Pre Rolled Cones already held the crown for it’s mouth-watering terpy-ness. Right away I was hit with a heavy-body high, along with a simple sense of happiness and relaxation. My physical anxiety symptoms were literally washed away, though ‘Violator’ was very heavy and had me quite couch-locked to the point I forgot to write how I felt afterwards because I was so stoned! ‘Violator’ is super amazing.


So what do I think overall? I love Pre Rolled Cones! The 8-Packs are so convenient for the cannabis consumer (like me) who can’t roll but wants the convenience of being able to just pull out a joint anywhere, anytime! The compact size of the packs are perfect for any pocket and open with ease like a cigarette pack. They are just honestly the cutest Pre Roll pack I’ve seen so far in my cannabis journey and I love the idea that you could reuse them for your own joints (if you can roll)! They are packed properly and burn well (even better when you use SloRolls!) and honestly, they did not disappoint at all! I am more than satisfied, and my only complaint is that they didn’t last forever! LOL!

So go and check Pre Rolled Cones out on instagram and if you are interested in grabbing your own 8-Pack of Pre Rolls to try than check out their website! You won’t be sorry you did; between product quality and customer service you will definately be a returning customer, just like me now! Hope you enjoyed what feels like a super long review, thanks so much if you actually read through the entire thing! You are the real MVP.


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