Where to begin? First of all, thank you so much for checking out my blog and showing an interest in my passion! Now if you haven’t already figured what my passion is by now, it is everything to do with cannabis. From seed to consumption, and all the scientific details in between; I love this healing plant and want to educate myself while also educating others on all things cannabis, which is my main purpose of this blog. I want to dedicate my life to the cannabis community somehow, so to begin my journey this blog is to help me grow and learn while hopefully inspiring others to as well!  To give a little insight into my cannabis journey, I am a Canadian medical marijuana patient under the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations). Though I am a cannabis patient now, admittedly my use of marijuana goes much past my medical document days.

My first experience was fairly young* but I remember it vividly; smoking a joint in the cozy basement of my best friends house, giggling nervously as we blew the smoke into the wood stove to try and mask the smell. Afterwards I remember we watched the film Eurotrip, and suddenly I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing; a wonderful euphoria had taken me over, relaxing my body. I found myself feeling genuinely happy, something I had rarely felt as a child with an anxiety disorder overlooked due to the appearance of me just being ‘overly shy/nervous’. Everything washed away but the laughter, happiness and relaxation I felt in that moment, and for the first time cannabis was helping me heal, even at a time when I had no idea I needed healing to begin with.


* Some studies have shown regular cannabis use in those with still developing brains (minors, generally anyone under 25) can alter or hinder brain development, affecting cognitive function. Thereforr, though I had consumed as a minor, I had no idea the possible implications it may have had on my neurodevelopment and as such, I do not condone minor cannabis use unless it is recommended by a healthcare practitioner.