Product Review: Pre Rolled Cones 8-Packs

Cannabis, as we all know, can be consumed in a variety of methods. From vape pens, to edibles, topicals and tinctures; within the last year I have been exposed to a world of products that I had no idea existed so widely throughout what I’ve come to know as the competing cannabis scene consisting of LPs, ‘blackmarket’ dispensaries & MoMs (mail order marijuana) that exist throughout the whole of Canada in great numbers. The convenience of such a wide variety of cannabis products suddenly a click away at first was overwhelming, and felt too good to be true. I had my lab rat phase where I tried as many different types products as I could, seeing if any medicated my anxiety better than smoking & the instant relief that I knew it gave me. One thing I did have not-so-great experiences ordering in that phase was prerolls, and as someone who cannot roll worth a damn myself (even before I had my talons), the idea of prerolls is wonderful but between price point and quality I hadn’t really found a source for them I had been satisfied with.

After winning a contest that @PreRolledCones & @PreRolledBlasteroids put out, I received 2 delicious ‘Pre Rolled Blasteroids’, one indica & one sativa. Pre Rolled Blasteroids are pre-rolled joints containing AAAA cannabis, blasted with shatter & lightly coated in kief. They both smoked very well and had me quite impressed, so I checked out their page and saw their 8-packs of Pre Rolls and just jumped at the convenience and had to place an order. I ordered an Indica 8-pack of ‘Gorilla Glue’ Pre Rolls to try and a hybrid Pre Rolled Blasteroid. Very quickly Pre Rolled Cones contacted me to inform me they were out of ‘Gorilla Glue’. They instead offered me ‘Violator’ (which I was excited to try as I had never tried that strain) so I happily said yes. For the mix up they also super kindly offered me two extra blasteroids which was super kind; they went out of their way to make me more than happy immediately. Such great customer service!

When my package came in, I was surprised and disappointed to open it only to find but only 5 ‘Green Haired Freaks’ BlueBerry 40mg CBD Treats… which I definitely didn’t order (but were amazingly delicious)! I took a photo and immediately contacted Pre Rolled Cones and let them know of the mix-up. They immediately DM’d me back expressing apologies, but hey let’s be real, we are all only human and mix-ups and mistakes happen! I let them know it was no sweat, and they directed me to shoot them an email. Pre Rolled Cones got back to me immediately and rectified everything and beyond, by sending me not only my Indica 8-Pack of ‘Violator’ and my 3 Pre Rolled Blasteroids, but also a Hybrid 8-Pack of ‘Sunset Sherbet’, another strain I had yet to try, and a Sativa 8-Pack of ‘Green Crack’, one of my top ten favourite strains!img_20180723_144203_8751397007754719126484.jpgI was beyond satisfied with how things were handled and received my package very quickly! I really cannot say enough about their customer service; they went above and beyond to correct the issues! This is the biggest thing I worry about ordering anywhere as I have heard horror stories ordering cannabis online, but I can say for sure Pre Rolled Cones and their team will not let you down, even if there is issues you are in THE best hands! I’ve had order issues before with other companies, but none had been rectified in such a timely, generous and painless way! You guys are seriously the best, thank you for taking the utmost care of your customers and impressing the hell out of me!

Another thing I must gush about before we even get to what I thought of the product itself is the packaging of the Pre Rolled Cones 8-Packs, which I overall ABSOLUTELY adore! They are compact and classic looking, with a more vintage-style font adorning the packs. They are simple, to the point with gorgeous textured colour backgrounds based on whether the pack you are enjoying is sativa, hybrid or indica. Inside each pack, 8 joints are neatly sitting next to the other, the odd joints facing upwards while the even ones face downwards so that they fit perfectly and painlessly. Inside the packages are INTEGRA Boost 2-way Humidity Regulator and a card indicating when you should replace the packet, in order to maintain the cannabis quality within the joint.

When it came down to product review time, I had to immediately go to what I know, which is my top-ten favourite strain, ‘Green Crack’. You won’t find me ever saying I love many Sativas, but this is one that just has me feeling on cloud nine and functioning my very best. The joint was packed well and upon smell, I was hit with that familiar very sweet citrus smell with it’s pungent earthy undertones. I sparked her up, and she smoked so smooth and tasted almost as if I was drinking a divine cup of tea! Immediate calming effects washed over me along with a strong sense of euphoria! Immediately I was very medicated and reminded why I absolutely love this strain.

I always keep notes of start and finish time for product consumption but I was so well-medicated I simply forgot for this joint! I also generally like to keep interval notes (5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. depending on product) noting how I feel but with this strain I forgot to check in until 15 minutes after finishing my joint! At the 15 minute mark I noted being extremely smiley, euphoric, completely relaxed in terms of anxiety and energized. Next check in was 25 minutes in, where I noted I was experiencing a very heavy cerebral high; still very euphoric, smiley and noted feeling very creative (I did some idea doodles for enamel pins I would eventually like to get made!).

At about an hour mark, effects began to fade. At this point I felt very introspective; looking back now at my notes my cerebral high was still very strong, but the euphoria was what had faded for me as I was still very calm minded and motivated intellectually and creatively. Overall I noted I would choose this strain over most any day for daytime use, and this is coming from someone who tends to favour Indicas! I have smoked all my other pre-rolls but have ONE Green Crack Pre Roll saved (has since been consumed post-writing, pre-editing, RIP) because it’s my favourite and such a convenient treat! I will definitely buy an 8-pack or their 50-pack of ‘Green Crack’ Sativa Pre Rolled Cones!

The next day, I took a joint from the Hybrid 8-Pack of ‘Sunset Sherbet’ to spark up and take for a test! I had admittedly never tried Sunset Sherbet; in fact, being without dispensaries and having to order online, I have yet to try a lot of strains just due to being unsure of quality & how new strains will affect me. I tend to go back to strain’s I know are good as I have trouble convincing myself to leave my comfort zone for a new strain, UNLESS I’ve heard amazing things (if you have Purple Punch, HIT ME UP! #1 Strain I am in search of to try). The scent of the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ joint was mild; I noted it was almost perhaps like lilac with hints of citrus. This joint was a little loosely packed at the very end by the filter, so it went a little limp-ish on me, but nothing I’d really say was an issue! Out of 24 joints only about 3 were like this and it barely affected how they smoked.


Taste wise, the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ I noted instantly came on as a sweet, almost floral taste and left an earthy aftertaste. This strain wasn’t as heavy hitting as the ‘Green Crack’ and more subtle, though I definitely initially felt quite calm and generally happy. In 7 minutes the joint was gone and I noted feeling perfectly medicated & ready to get things done! 10 minutes later I still noted happiness; I was feeling very motivated and focused compared to how I felt prior to smoking. I noted, despite the good that I felt, that my physical anxiety symptoms were affecting me still, (tight chest, grinding teeth, abdominal tightness/pain, generally tense) which is why I stick with indicas a lot because they tend to give me the physical relief I seek from my anxiety disorders. However the motivation lasted throughout the hour, and I noted at the hour mark after consumption that I was a bit munchy!

Overall the ‘Sunset Sherbet’ was a wonderful, motivating and happiness-inducing strain, however it didn’t hold enough physical-relaxation power as a Hybrid strain for me (a quite seasoned smoker despite my age) to go back and purchase it as a daily-medication strain, however, it definitely is a good booster for motivation and would be ideal for daytime use when you need to get a lot done! I really loved the Hybrid packaging, probably the most out of all three; it just stands out more than the other two in terms of beauty packaging wise, reminding me of the ocean or something!

Finally, on day three, I tested a joint from the Indica 8-Pack of ‘Violator’, another strain I had yet to try, and as I am with all new strains, was internally jumping at the excitement like a child leaving the candy store with bags full of sweets. This was my absolute favourite smelling pack; as soon as you opened it, your nose was welcomed by the most potently sweet, fruity scent; almost reminded me of bergamot, which smells a little alike fruit loops (think earl gray tea). Honestly, these were the best smelling joints I had ever smelt; you just KNEW you were about to spark a super quality AAAA cannabis joint, no doubts AT ALL about these prerolls!

I sparked it up and had noted it had earthy toned flavours with sweet, herb-like undertones. I really loved the taste of ‘Violator’ as well; honestly, as much as I love ‘Green Crack’, scent and taste wise, this strain from Pre Rolled Cones already held the crown for it’s mouth-watering terpy-ness. Right away I was hit with a heavy-body high, along with a simple sense of happiness and relaxation. My physical anxiety symptoms were literally washed away, though ‘Violator’ was very heavy and had me quite couch-locked to the point I forgot to write how I felt afterwards because I was so stoned! ‘Violator’ is super amazing.


So what do I think overall? I love Pre Rolled Cones! The 8-Packs are so convenient for the cannabis consumer (like me) who can’t roll but wants the convenience of being able to just pull out a joint anywhere, anytime! The compact size of the packs are perfect for any pocket and open with ease like a cigarette pack. They are just honestly the cutest Pre Roll pack I’ve seen so far in my cannabis journey and I love the idea that you could reuse them for your own joints (if you can roll)! They are packed properly and burn well (even better when you use SloRolls!) and honestly, they did not disappoint at all! I am more than satisfied, and my only complaint is that they didn’t last forever! LOL!

So go and check Pre Rolled Cones out on instagram and if you are interested in grabbing your own 8-Pack of Pre Rolls to try than check out their website! You won’t be sorry you did; between product quality and customer service you will definately be a returning customer, just like me now! Hope you enjoyed what feels like a super long review, thanks so much if you actually read through the entire thing! You are the real MVP.


An Intro to Terpenes

A few years ago on Instagram, I barely remember the word terpene being used at all. I’m not going to lie, I had no knowledge about them at all until just over a year ago. You may know nothing about terpenes but if you are a cannabis patient or connoisseur, chances are you relish in the various delicious aromas and flavour profiles that belong to our beloved medicine cannabis. Those marvelous scents and tastes all come from whichever terpene profile the cannabis strain you are enjoying holds, but terpenes are not limited to cannabis. Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds that are produced by a variety of flora and fauna; they what provides the delicious scents and tastes we take in from so much around us in everyday life.

Terpenes are naturally a major component of resins secreted by plant life, which is secreted by plants for it’s protective benefits. Terpenes are the central part of essential oils used in aromatherapy, which aims to improve physical and psychological well-being. Some insects such as swallowtail butterflies even secrete terpenes in order protect the plants they pollinate; the terpene scents emitted attract any nearby predators to the offending herbivore. There are also less fascinating modern uses of terpenes such as to scent cosmetic and hygiene products or being used to flavour food additives.

Alike cannabinoids, terpenes also synergize with cannabinoids to enhance medicinal benefits. Dr. Ethan Russo, MD, Director of Research and Development at International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute was the one to discover and conclude that terpenes offer complementary pharmacological activities that may strengthen and improve therapeutic use of cannabinoids. Dr. Russo came to this conclusion after his 2006 discovery that CBD antagonized THC’s effects. Though more research is needed on the “Terpene Entourage Effect”, it is clear to me as a patient that a great quality terpene profile always makes the world of difference in medicinal effects!

Although there are somewhere over 200 terpenes found in the cannabis plant, only a few are overly prevalent in the strains we consume. The following are just a few of the more common terpene profiles we experience as patients and everyday cannabis consumers.






These are some of the most common terpenes you will find in cannabis. Unmentioned other common terpenes are beta-caryophyllene, borneol, delta-3-carene, eucalyptol and terpineol! What is your favourite terpene and what strain do you go to for it? Personally my favourite terpene is Linalool for it’s anti-anxiety effects, and I absolutely love the terpene profile of LA Confidential, a strain known to be generally higher in linalool. Let me know your favourite terpene and it could be the terpene I chose to first highlight in an in-depth look at each of these common terpene profiles!


10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Do you have a mama who works really hard and deserves to relax this Mother’s Day? With the holiday coming up this Sunday, I’ve made up a list of some great, unique gift ideas for all the super special moms out there! The ideas may seem more geared towards the ‘cannamom’ but they are not limited to those who use cannabis at all. Some of the listed gift ideas can help your everyday mother gain the relaxing, healing benefits of cannabis without any of the main psychoactive chemical THC, which causes the feeling of being ‘high’.

1. Infused Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa? CBD infused teas, such as Budderweeds’ caffeine-free Eucalyptus and Mint tea, are great gift ideas for any mother who need a little extra help relaxing or getting to sleep at night. It comes with five 20mg CBD tea bags, each tea bag making two servings of tea for a total of 10 cups! CBD is one of the many different cannabis compounds found in the plant that has very important medical benefits such as relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety and insomnia. CBD is non-psychoactive, therefore having no negative side-effects such as feeling ‘high’ and lethargic; perfect for any tea-drinking mom.

2. Infused Bath Bombs


Women have long since found one of the best places to unwind and find peace was while having a nice long, hot soak in the tub. Infused bath bombs like THC-infused @cannabombs and CBD infused Bath Bombs make great gifts for the mother-figure in your life, whether she enjoys cannabis or not. Why settle for Lush when you can get your mother a bath bomb that offers the relaxation she deserves!

3. Terpene CandlesWhite-Widow-Kush-CandlesWhat pairs great with a bath? Candles! They set the relaxing tone to a quiet, peaceful and unwinding soak. Kush Candles produces soy-wax and hemp seed-oil candles that are infused with organic terpenes. The above pictured White Widow candle offers both linalool, known most for it’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects, and myrcene, known most for it’s pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Each candle represents a different strain, with different scents and terpenes to go with them! This is the ultimate gift pairing with an infused bath bomb, allowing mom to have the best spa day right at home!

4. TincturesDiscreetly-Baked-Concentrates-900mg-THC-Tincture-2-Budderweeds.com_-300x225

Do you have a mother who suffers from pain, inflammation, anxiety, tremors or any of these other ailments or symptoms? Tinctures are one of the best ways for anyone to medicate themselves, whether a cannabis user or not. Both CBD and THC tinctures are available from companies such as Discreetly Baked, which offer the ease of medicating by just dropping the tincture under the tongue. If you think your mother would love this, than don’t miss out on Budderweed’s Mother’s Day CBD sale, where you can scoop a 500mg CBD Discreetly Baked tincture for 30% off!

5. CBD Isolate


Another great gift idea for any mom who may experience pain, anxiety, inflammation or any of the other symptoms and ailments that CBD helps with, is CBD isolate. Discreetly Baked offers 1 gram CBD isolate sourced from 100% organic non-GMO hemp, meaning its extracted from the male cannabis plant, containing no psychoactive chemicals whatsoever. The isolate can be put into food, drinks, added your mom’s favourite skin care products and even can be dabbed or added to a joint! If your mom isn’t a fan of tea, doesn’t feel comfortable taking a tincture or just has particular tastes, than this is for her. CBD isolate gives her the freedom to add CBD to any of her own favourite products without having to try something new!

6. Smoking Apparatuses


If your mother enjoys smoking cannabis, then a beautiful smoking apparatus is a great gift idea to brighten up her daily smoke! My Bud Vase offers a gorgeous and unique spin on the bong, the above vase “Harmony” just an example of some of the beautiful pieces they have to offer. Crystal Pipes are also a very chic, hip and new thing right now and would be a great gift for any mother who has a more spiritual side. Gemstone pipes come in many different types of stone, from Rose Quartz to Labradorite; each stone holds different ‘energies’ and properties, so you can find a stone that best represents your mother to make this gift extra special!

7. Beauty Products


With the use of CBD in women’s lives becoming more and more mainstream, we have begun to see even beauty products utilizing its benefits! KANA lavender sleep mask is one of such products, bringing together CBD and many other essential oils for a natural, luxurious product fit for any mother you want to spoil this Mother’s Day! Herb Essntls offers a wonderful sativa-seed oil based moisturizer, with no THC or CBD, for the everyday mother who may be wary of using CBD products.

8. Jewelry

Many women enjoy dressing up in super chic jewelry, but this jewelry is a little different. If your mother enjoys a joint more than anything like mine does, the above golden triangle roach clip necklace would make the absolute perfect gift. With both beauty and function in mind, another perfect gift for the joint loving or smoking mother would be this smoke ring, allowing her to relax and light up in style!

9. Candy


Who doesn’t like candy? For the hard working mom, retailers such as Budderweeds offer numerous edible candy options at different dosages so that it’s easy finding the perfect candy for mom. They offer microdosed candy such as the pictured sour cubes which contain 5mg THC per candy. For those with mothers who do not want the psychoactive effects of THC, they offer delicious CBD only candy as well, such as their CBD maple syrup leafs which only contain 10mg CBD per candy.

10. … A Card!IMG_9104

What is a gift without a great card? For the cannamom, a Kush Kard is a must. With places to put buds, joints and blunts on these canna-cute cards, they are sure to make any toking momma’s day!

Hopefully this list has helped give you some great ideas for gifts to get for all the wonderful mother’s and mother figures in your lives whether they enjoy cannabis or not! Treat her right this year and give her something from the list to pamper herself with and I’m sure she will be thanking you!

Happy Mother’s Day 2018!


Women & Weed


Women and cannabis have gone hand in hand since some of the earliest civilizations. In some of the first hunter-gatherer settlements, women utilized cannabis, as well as other gathered herbs to heal. In ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia, the healing goddess Inanna, also known as Ishtar, had cannabis burnt by her cult following as an incense during worship. Ancient Egyptian women utilized cannabis in many ways such as making cannabis infused honey or by burning cannabis on hot bricks and inhaling the smoke, for all sorts of ailments such as depression and childbirth pain. In both the old and new testaments, it was written that Queen Sheba brought over to King Solomon many spices, one of which was called ‘kaneh-bosm’, translating from Hebrew to mean hemp aromatic, which we now know to be cannabis. The historical ties between women and cannabis is long and plentiful; even British monarch Queen Victoria had taken a cannabis tincture prescribed by her physician in 1890 for her menstrual cramps.

With women having such a rich and vast history utilizing cannabis, it is slightly surprising to see that cannabis industry, alike other sectors, is male-dominated. Although men outnumber women, that doesn’t make any less of the women in the cannabis industry who have made huge impacts towards the future of cannabis. One of those notable women is Alaska Cannabis Club founder Charlo Greene, whomost should know of because of her bad-ass live television announcement, “I’m Charlo “Fuck it, I quit” Greene, and I’m credited with the legalization of marijuana in Alaska.” (Best quit story ever!) Jane West, founder of Women Grow, a for-profit entity that connects, educates and empowers women who are interested in becoming apart of the cannabis industry and Cheryl Shuman, cannabis entrepreneur, investor and founder of Kush magazine, are just a two of so many other notable women who have made an impact in the overall future cannabis industry.

hilaryBack at home here in Canada, though we may see less industry impact from women like Cheryl Shuman and Jane West, we have our own Canadian women who have made some incredible contributions in advocacy for the rights of medical marijuana patients. One of pioneers who has long been fighting for cannabis patient’s rights is Hilary Black. Her contribution began in 1997, when Hilary founded Canada’s very first medical cannabis dispensary, the ‘BC Compassion Club Society’. Her reason for starting the compassion club was her vision of “… helping people suffering from a wide range of illnesses to gain access to clean, affordable, high-quality cannabis in a safe and supportive environment.” In 2013 Hilary was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contribution to Canadian society through her continued advocacy for medical marijuana patients and their right to access safe, quality and affordable medicine.

Another important woman in the Canadian cannabis industry is Jamie Shaw. Her first introduction to the industry was as a patient when she saw her physician about anxiety, and was referred to visit a compassion club to try medical marijuana. After trying cannabis and experiencing it’s benefits, she left her job to become a full-time patient advocate. Shaw has spent two decades advocating for Canadian cannabis patients, her most widely known contribution being her testimony in the Allard v. Health Canada trial, where plaintiffs set out to prove that the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) broke Canada’s Charter rights by forcing them to buy only from government licensed producers without allowing patients their right to grow their own medical marijuana if they so chose to. Ultimately the judge ruled that the MMPR indeed broke Canada’s Charter rights; a victory for all Canadian cannabis patients right to access safe, quality, affordable medication.

dobbsPatient, advocate, entrepreneur and chairwoman of Women Grow, Andrea Dobbs journey into the Canadian cannabis industry also began also while seeking medical relief. She was at the time perimenopausal, and decided to try cannabis as a solution to the many symptoms she was experiencing such as sore breasts, extreme itchiness and low libido. A very less than ideal first dispensary visit eventually inspired Andrea to co-found, The Village, a dispensary tailored to the needs of patients with more sensitive health care needs and those who may be more hesitant about trying cannabis. She wanted The Village to be a safe place for people who need help figuring out what will be effective for their specific symptoms, and those who need introductions and education on cannabis. Andrea prefers to focus more on non-inhalation cannabis treatments, such as microdosed edibles, infused bath bombs and bath salts.

Canadian trailblazers Hilary Black, Jamie Shaw and Andrea Dobbs are also just a few women in our industry who have made a difference. Doing research for this piece has inspired me on a personal level; I had no idea so many women I had never bothered to learn of have been building their own cannabis businesses, growing, advocating, researching; teaching, learning, healing and empowering… I truly had a difficult time deciding who to write about, and implore you to take some spare time and look up the many contributions women have made in the cannabis industry over the years! Though the female presence in the cannabis sector is the minority, I believe there is a very bright future for women looking to be apart of the future cannabis industry.

This industry holds a potential for both females (and those who are non-binary) that other industries haven’t; since the cannabis industry is just a seedling in terms of establishment, for the first time in history there will be an industry where decades of stigma, barriers and glass ceilings don’t exist. With this fresh, blossoming, modern industry, everyone should have an equal chance to climb the corporate ladder if they are willing to work for it. As long as there is women with interest and passion in being apart of the cannabis industry, I believe over time we will see so many more influential women like Hilary Black, Jamie Shaw and Andrea Dobbs, who will help shape the future of the marijuana industry.

If you are interested in and passionate about cannabis, don’t dream it and do it! Educate yourself continuously (we never stop learning!), dedicate yourself to whatever goals you have in mind, be passionate and have a positive outlook; it is only when we don’t try that we fail!


Earth Day 2018

Yesterday— April 22nd, was Earth Day; a day that has been observed since 1970, when on that day 20 million Americans took to the streets from coast-to-coast to rally for a healthy, sustainable environment. The founder of Earth Day and the coordinator of these rallies was Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator whom had witnessed the environmental damage that was caused by the massive 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, he hoped he could use their unity and energy to also raise public awareness on air and water pollution. Nelson reached out to the media, letting them know he was planning a ‘national teach in on the environment’, then building up a nation-wide staff to speak and promote his teach-ins.

5a4d12e4a9da350001b3d4a7_dotearthdaynyt-blog480So many different walks of life rallied together across the United States, and as these individuals stood together they realized they all had a common goal and common values. Many different environmental groups fighting specific problems such as oil spills and factory pollution realized they were all fighting for a common goal. As a result of the national teach-in, by the end of 1970 the United States Environmental Protection Agency had been founded and the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts were passed. Earth Day remembers and celebrates the beginning of the environmental movement.

Jump forward to 2018; though we all have the ability to live more eco-friendly lifestyles with the advances in technology and the knowledge now available to us, many of us have very busy lives and may feel as if there is just no time to make any changes, or may be overwhelmed by the idea of change all-together. No matter what the excuse is, there are always small steps we can all take to be more environmentally conscious with very low effort, even when it comes to the cannabis industry! Every change we make to live sustainable lifestyles, no matter how small, effects our carbon footprint and helps keep the Earth a greener, healthier place for us all to live.

Plastic waste floating in a canal in Amsterdam, The NetherlandsOne of our hugest issues environmentally is plastic pollution. Plastic is not biodegradable and lasts hundreds to thousands of years, breaking down yes— but into smaller, micro-plastic pieces, carrying and absorbing toxins, polluting and harming entire ecosystems and the animals within it. Plastic pollution especially threatens marine life and ecosystems, with over 70 million pounds of plastic currently polluting our ocean’s largest currents. Marine life consume the plastics and micro-plastics that contain toxins such as petroleum, DDT and flame retardants, and in turn down the chain we are effected as we consume these animals or use them for products.

A simple step to take to be more environmentally conscious is to replace your household plastic products with sustainable alternatives! Silicone is a great replacement for common plastic household items like straws, storage containers and ice cube trays as it is biodegradable! Plastic straws, something we use at most restaurants, bars, coffee shops and fast-food chains, take up to 500 years to break down. Imagine how many straws just you have used in your lifetime that will still be around, ever-so-slowly breaking down and polluting our planet after you are long gone. Make a simple change and buy sustainable straws, and encourage your local businesses to switch to using non-plastic alternatives! Just the refusal to use plastic straws makes a huge environmental impact!

Some more steps you can take everyday to make an environmental impact include: walking or biking to work instead of taking transportation when possible, recycling any and all products you can, buying local and in-season products, growing your own food when possible, consuming less meat and diary products, minimizing waste by making a compost pile, checking that your appliances are all energy efficient and unplugping any unused appliances, using eco-friendly household products, taking shorter showers, washing full loads of laundry (using cold water when you can), hanging dry clothes when possible, unsubscribing to snail mail and switching to electronic statements, using reusable bags, buying products without unnecessary packaging and switching to sustainable energy sources (solar, wind) when possible.


Most of those steps you’ve probably heard of at one point or another, I know I have. Though this past Earth Day inspired me to learn about it’s origins and to read into how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, as I read I wondered what I could do as a cannabis patient and consumer to reduce my carbon footprint further. One major thing that first came to mind is the lighting and energy that is used when cannabis is grown indoors; to make more conscious cannabis purchasing decisions, buy outdoor/greenhouse grown when possible or indoor grows that use LED lighting, which is much more energy efficient. Packaging wise, buy from companies using sustainable packaging such as silicone and glass containers. If your favourite company uses plastic packaging, message them and suggest to them making the switch to more a more eco-friendly option!

There are so many more steps other than mentioned that you can take to live a better lifestyle for yourself and for our planet, and I hope by reading you’ve been inspired to do further research and to do your part (even if slowly) and change your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Begin by buying a silicone or glass straw to take around to use instead of using plastic straws, it will make a giant difference! Just look at the next straw you see and remember, it will be around for 500 years. Wake up with intent each day to live a more sustainable lifestyle, make even the smallest effort each day to practice that and in turn the Earth will continue to give back and care for us as it always has for a bit longer.


4.20 Giveaway


As the national cannabis holiday 4.20 approaches, Budderweeds and I figured it would be a perfect time to give back to the Canadian cannabis community in celebration of my favourite holiday and the somewhat delayed launch of my blog! Who knew CSS/HTML could be so difficult! Up for grabs is 1 gram of Pink Kush Shatter, 1 gram Afghani Hash, 1 oz Gorilla Glue Nibs & 100mg bag of 10 sour raspberry colas, all from one of my favourite cannabis sources, Budderweeds.


  1.  Must be 19 years or older and a Canadian resident with valid photo identification.
  2.  Must be following Budderweeds and myself on Instagram. (Alternatively, if you are not on instagram, subscribe to my blog below, take a screenshot with proof of subscription & email it to me for an entry!)
  3. Tag a friend in the instagram giveaway post AND tell them a reason you appreciate them. Only tag mutual friends, as if they are not following you back it will not count as an entry (I will be checking).
  4.  Bonus entry for reposting the giveaway post on instagram or in your instagram story.
  5.  Must have a public profile.


Strain Review: Black Widow


strainoverview_bwFor my first review, there was no question on which strain I was going to write about first; it had to be Black Widow, a hybrid I had received from Budderweeds, and was eager as this was an unfamiliar strain! I had obviously heard of White Widow, but what was this Black widow and how was she related? Immediately my first impression of this strain was it’s deliciously potent, sweet aroma, accompanied by bold hints of citrus and earthiness. All together the symphony of terpenes alone had me infatuated by this strain before even taking a good look at the buds.

Visually Black Widow was on par with her incredible scent, the buds incredibly resinous and coated in trichomes, sparkling with every move in the light like diamonds! The buds were a healthy green (under all the crystalline kief) and had long, orange pistils that emerged from the sea of resin. The buds were dense and super sticky with the trichomes coating the buds. The buds cracked open to reveal a trove of even more resin within the flower, leaving my fingers sticky after. My only critique was that the flower could’ve been manicured a bit better, but that didn’t deter me from trying this new strain out.


60x macro shot of my Black Widow, showing just how coated the buds are with trichomes

To make sure I did my first review accurate as I could, I sampled the bud after waking up unmedicated and with a clean palette to properly take in all the strain had to offer. I packed approximately 3/4 of a gram in my just-cleaned chillum, for a pure and clean sampling. My first impression after my first inhale was that this was incredibly smooth cannabis, and would rank it as one of the smoothest I’ve yet to have the pleasure of enjoying. My intakes of smoke were surprisingly nearly tasteless, with only soft hints of the sweet & earthy terpenes she had offered to my nostrils.

The first effect I felt was immediate and in my eyes; it was that feeling when you can just tell your eyes are glazing over. Within minutes my entire body and mind were so light, I was completely relaxed, letting me forget about my depression and anxiety. About 10 minutes in, my body was pleasantly numb and tingling, dissolving my rib pain into almost nothing. 30 minutes after medicating, my cerebral high had very suddenly intensified and I could no longer focus, at that point I just let my entire mind and body rest and relax.

The physical and cerebral effects overall were quite heavy, and extremely long lasting compared to other strains I’ve had, having noted that even 2 hours after my consumption I was still feeling some of the strong hybrid’s effects. I would definately recommend this strain to experienced cannabis consumers and patients who are especially looking for pain relief, stress relief and sedating effects. Novice cannabis users should beware, as this has tested in as high as 28% THC. As it even heavily affected me, a seasoned cannabis patient with quite a high tolerance, it could be too much for someone with no tolerance, causing paranoia and discomfort.


Immediately after I had smoked my bowl, I did some research into the strain’s lineage and history. I found it odd to have not heard of Black Widow, and without any prior knowledge on the strain, I had automatically assumed her to be tied genetically to White Widow. After some brief reading, to my surprise and great interest, Black Widow was not bred from White Widow at all, but rather is White Widow herself! Now I was super intrigued, leaving me with a ton of questions. Had I had this strain all along unknowingly? Why was it renamed? So I went back to the beginning of Black Widow, then known as White Widow, to get the answers.

White Widow was bred in Holland in the early 90s by cannabis breeder Shantibaba, who then was apart of GHS (Green House Seeds). Earning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, this strain quickly became a popular choice for both recreational users and patients because of its effects. It was sought out by recreational users due to it’s intense physical and cerebral effects that some describe as being psychedelic; it has been a favorite strain available in Amsterdam cafes for decades. Patients sought White Widow out for pain, insomnia, and depression among other ailments.


In 1998 Shantibaba left GHS and sold his share of the company, taking White Widow’s original Brazilian sativa mother and her resinous south Indian indica-dominant father with him in his parting. He then founded Mr. Nice Seed Bank and renamed the strain Black Widow, as GHS had supposedly used seeds that Shantibaba left behind to create an inbred line of ‘White Widow’, and he wanted to distinguish the true genetics of the strain. Black Widow is considered among most in the cannabis community now as the only true ‘White Widow’ available, due to Shantibaba having the original parental plants and therefore the original genetics of the strain.

Overall, Black Widow impressed me. Her only shortcoming was the bud’s manicure job, which is really minor in the scheme of things when she impressed me in every other way! From her divine terpene profile to her amazingly smooth finish, I have to say I would definitely seek out Black Widow again from Budderweeds! It helped incredibly with my depression and anxiety, numbing my pain and helping me achieve a full good nights rest which honestly rarely happens. The long lasting effects are a blessing, having to medicate less often leaves more time for living life and also saves money! If you happen to suffer from any of the ailments I do and have a tolerance to cannabis, I definitely recommend Black Widow, as it’s strong and lasting effects combined make it an amazing medicinal strain for patients.